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Gaming master Jane McGonigal and the World Bank Institute have teamed up to create a new social network game like course that engages players in real world activism. A graphic novel based game challenges players to create solutions for world problems. The first season launched March 3, 2010 and will run 10 sessions in 10 weeks each focusing on authentic global problems. And it’s not just a game, winners of the game earn support—expert mentorship, seed money, trip to the Evoke Summit in Washington DC – to bring their ideas to life as newly minted social innovators. Aimed primarily at participants in South Africa, empowering them to change their world, the game is open to everyone and as of March 9 has already attracted 8,000 players from 120 countries.

Panoramix View: Maybe this is a new form of open source innovation? Engaging and effective programs for developing leadership, problem solving, and innovation skills are going to come from new and different thinking. Cross category success stories is a place to start looking.