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The Super Bowl has always been a news- and money-making event, but this year it is an American economic bonanza.

NFL games recently grew to become the top-viewed US TV programming. Now comes the Super Bowl with 110 million estimated viewers, $7 million for a 30 second commercial (with dwindling effective advertising outlets it’s a good op for big brands but the pressure is on), betting is legal in 38 states (will Travis propose?). The Swift Effect has jolted viewership, and more women watching the game means more advertisers trying to reach them. Will Taylor make it back in time? (The Japanese embassy has guaranteed the timing will work). Add in millions of Super Bowl party dips, wings and chilis, Super Flu Monday, and the host city being Sin City with 125,000 expected attendees for fan events.  And last but not least, the halftime show has become a mega opportunity for the musical guest. The Hustle noted that last year as Rihanna “prepared to sing the intro to ‘All of the Lights,’ a dancer handed Rihanna a sleek white makeup compact. Huh? The pop star quickly blotted Invisimatte setting powder from her Fenty beauty line across her cheeks. The moment didn’t last five seconds, but the internet went nuts.” Not to miss a beat, Usher, this year’s musical guest, will release his new album on game day.

What is more American than this confluence of excess, fun, competition, and celebration?

Like every year and every game played everywhere, someone will win and someone will lose, but everyone will be happy to have been part of this big American experience.

However, the commercials are why I’ll be watching, and there is a good batch brewing.

According to a new Ad Age-Harris Poll survey, “69% of respondents favor funny ads” (duh) “while only 14% want serious ones. Patriotic themes drew support from only 31% of respondents and purpose-driven ads had 24% support. Heartfelt ads also lagged, getting 32% approval.”

Since this whole sports/advertising/betting/eating/spending extravaganza is about entertainment and fun, let’s stick with the funny ones and celebrity sightings. Here are some of my favorites among those that have been released so far.

Bud Light materializes the Bud Light Genie for an “epic night out with your favorite celebs” (see if you can spot them all) and every wish, big and small, coming true.

Pringles taps Chris Pratt to don a Pringle’s Man mustache, and the celebrity-hungry internet takes it viral. Pringles hopes you, your dog, or your boss might be an even better look-alike and win big.  

Squarespace knows it’s hard to get anyone to pay attention.Its spot asks “What does a highly advanced civilization have to do to get noticed around here?” UFOs have been in the news again, so Martin Scorsese (the ad’s director!) thinks that even if they are trying to make contact, they can’t break the hold our phones have on our attention.   

Doritos has Jenny Ortega and her badass abuelas, Dina and Mita, battle Danny Ramirez for the last bag of Dinamitas. “Grab your bag now, before Dina & Mita do. Go ahead, try us.” Someone please make a Dina & Mita action series.

Mtn Dew Blast reunites us with Aubrey Plaza’s perfect deadpan as she has a “blast” in every non-blast situation, and even reunites her with Parks and Rec costar Nick Offerman (while riding a dragon—definitely a blast!).   

Hellman’s Kate McKinnon and Mayo the Talking Cat become a global sensation that “saves the leftovers” and “Make Taste, Not Waste.” Don’t miss the Pete Davidson cameo.

Reese’s introduces a new version of the beloved candy, and die-hard fans react with slapstick humor including, of course, a hula-hooping dog.

E*TRADE brings back the super bowl’s favorite babies and trades on the pickleball phenomenon.

The Kawasaki Ridge “side x side is work meets play—business in the front, party in the back.” So naturally everything within range sprouts a mullet.

E.L.F. Beauty. Judge Judy sentences the desperate defendant to “$14 glowy skin.” Benevolent and fair.

Etsy introduces “Don’t panic. Gift easy with Etsy’s new Gift Mode.” Spoofing on the Statue of Liberty from France, the US uses the gift mode to send a cheese board to France.


One bit of nostalgia.

Budweiser brings the Clydesdales back and throws a lab in for extra awwwww!

One mention of AI so far.

Microsoft Copilot your everyday companion helps “put your ideas into action.”