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Kim Yu-Na is the new poster diva for the perfect body image.  Her body proportions are being billed as the “ golden ratio” by Korean press.  Long toned is the new skinny—“Standing 164 cm tall and weighing 47 kg, Kim’s lower body from waist to the ankle bone measures 96 cm, almost double the length of her torso, which is 50 cm” reports (3.2010)  Long, gracefully muscled arms, a tad more demure than Michele Obama’s, project a healthy, elegant, silhouette.  Check out NBC’s Olympic coverage of the exquisite fluidity of Yu-Na .

Panoramix View: Look for the “Yu-Na Look “ to go global as the aspirational body type showcased in advertising. Think Heidi Klum dialed down a notch on glam and up a notch on accessibility…voila!… a new standard of perfect femme 10.