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With the global sustainable and green packaging market predicted to total $107.7bn in 2011 and continue to grow over the next decade, we’re going to be seeing lots of innovation and changes on the store shelves.
One irresistible example is The Little Green Bag from Lush. The naked (package free) and solid (bar form) products are wrapped up in an organic kerchief creating its own travel kit. The Little Green bag includes body soap, shampoo, conditioner, a massage bar, and salt scrub in a reusable tin. Lush has been developing solid products to reduce the need for preservatives, but it must conserve water too, right? They also say that 44% of their products are naked saving the production and trashing of some 6 million plastic bottles globally. 
And in a charming bit of marketing Lush produced a cover versionof the George Baker 1970s song to support the products and their fresh, lighthearted and seriously green brand.