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Amid an ongoing debate in the U.S. on immigration from Mexico, Gallup estimates 6.2 million Mexican adults would like to move permanently to the United States if given the chance. That number pales in comparison with the estimated 22.9 million adults who would come from China and 17.1 million from India.

Walmart launched a new global campaign around sustainable agriculture focused on helping “small and medium sized farmers expand their businesses, get more income for their products, and reduce the environmental impact of farming, while strengthening local economies and providing customers around the world with long-term access to affordable, high-quality, fresh food.” “In the U.S., Walmart’s Heritage Agriculture program will help the company double the sale of locally grown food. The program focuses on sourcing produce from states and regions with long histories of agricultural production."

Walmart, 10.14.10

The president of Yale believes that in 10 to 15 years there will be 5 to 6 major global universities of great excellence and we’ll be lucky if two of them are from the United States."

Jim Hoge, outgoing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, on Morning Joe 11.22.10